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Conjugation of verb Ocurrir in Spanish!

In today’s blog we will learn about the conjugation of verb  Ocurrir in Spanish

The verb ‘Ocurrir‘ means ‘to occur or to happen’

Take a look at the conjugation of the verb Ocurrir

pronoun Present Preterit Imperfect Conditional Future
yo ocurro ocurrí ocurría ocurriría ocurriré
ocurres ocurriste ocurrías ocurrirías ocurrirás
él/ella/Ud. ocurre ocurrió ocurría ocurriría ocurrirá
nosotros ocurrimos ocurrimos ocurríamos ocurriríamos ocurriremos
vosotros ocurrís ocurristeis ocurríais ocurriríais ocurriréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. ocurren ocurrieron ocurrían ocurrirían ocurrirán


I happen = Yo ocurro

We happen = Nosotros ocurrimos

He happens = Él ocurre

She happens = Ella ocurre

You happen = Usted ocurre

Here are the examples of its usage

Nobody knows what happened

Nadie sabe lo que ocurrió

This will never happen

Esto nunca ocurrirá