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CultureAlley Spanish iPad App

The CultureAlley Spanish App for the iPad is here!

Your favorite audio-visual lessons – now on the go, and downloadable for offline use!

Learn Spanish while relaxing in your bed, or while in a flight! Introducing the CultureAlley Spanish iPad App – with downloadable content which allows all the audio-visual lessons and quizzes to be available offline!

The CultureAlley Spanish App for the iPad is available for free download on the App Store.

Over 250,000 learners have loved our audio-visual lessons across the globe! The same content is now available on the device you love – the iPad!

What does CultureAlley Spanish iPad App offer?

Just like our website, our app is also built to offer you the most comprehensive conversational content – explained logically. We don’t give you mindless flashcards or make you mug up words without understanding how to use them!

What we give you is this:

  1. 30 audio-visual lessons – Easy to understand, with conversations, essential phrases, grammar tips, & vocabulary. All lessons have full audio support with native narration and can be downloaded for offline viewingFree audio visual Spanish lessons
  2. Offline downloadable content – You can download all 30 lessons and later view them offline whenever and wherever you want!Downloadable lessons
  3. Logical structure – Each concept is simplified and explained in the most intuitive manner to avoid any forced memorizationLogical lessons
  4. Grammar essentials – Most important grammar topics and pronunciation tips explained with conversational examplesLesson navigation
  5. Interactive practice exercises – Helps you master your lessons and gives you immediate feedbackSpanish App - Interactive exercises

Here’s why our learners love us and what they say about us:

“CultureAlley is way beyond our time. It’s a very advanced tool that makes learning a new language very easy. It’s interactive, intuitive, precise, and very informative” – Donald Antonio, Philippines

“Spent a year trying to figure Spanish out. 4 years later I have decided to try again and came across CultureAlley. Wish this was available 4 years ago, I would’ve carried it on. Thank you these lessons are amazing!”

“I started CultureAlley series with my 13 year old daughter and we both love it! She is taking Spanish in 8th grade but she was totally confused – this series is helping her so much!” – Dmunoz, Venezuela

“Honestly, thank you so much! I was failing Spanish in school but you are really helping me. So thank you again!” – Seham Helmi

The CultureAlley Spanish App for the iPad is now available for download from the App Store for free.


See you at the Alley…now on the iPad! :)

Tagalog to Spanish dictionary

Dictionaries in Tagalog | Tagalog to English, Tagalog to Spanish and Tagalog to Chinese dictionary now live!

Thrilled with your response on the English to Spanish, and English to Chinese talking dictionaries, we are introducing many new dictionaries on CultureAlley. Now you can build your vocabulary with dictionaries in your native tongue!

For our loyal learners in the Philippines, we are pleased to announce dictionaries in Tagalog (dictionaries with the base language as Tagalog (Filipino)). So if you speak Tagalog, and wish to learn new words in English, Spanish, Chinese, or Hindi – our dictionaries can help you!

New Tagalog dictionaries (Filipino dictionaries):

  1. Tagalog to English dictionaryTagalog to English dictionary
  2. Tagalog to Spanish dictionaryTagalog to Spanish dictionary
  3. Tagalog to Chinese dictionary (Mandarin)Tagalog to Chinese dictionary
  4. Tagalog to Hindi dictionaryTagalog to Hindi dictionary

As with the other dictionaries, the Tagalog dictionaries include audio support, and an easy search functionality. About 1000 most used words are organized by themes (such as shopping, eating out, family relations, business, and more!)

Dictionary themes

Fullscreen Goodness – View Your Lessons in Full Screen at CultureAlley

Say hello to full screen lessons at CultureAlley!
Want no distractions while studying at CultureAlley? We hear you. And we have introduced a new full screen feature so all you see is your awesome lesson and nothing else!

Just click on the ‘Full Screen’ option on the right corner of your lesson window to enter into the full screen modeHow to enter into full screen
This is what you will be greeted with!

Lesson in full screen

Enjoy both lessons as well as the games ‘Spellathon’ and ‘Scatterathon’ in full screen. Switching between the lesson and the games is just a matter of one click!

Spanish Games in full screen

To switch back to your lesson index page – just press the ‘esc’ key or click on the arrow symbol on the upper left corner of the full screen mode!

Happy learning!



Talking Dictionary – Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi

Introducing talking dictionaries on Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi!

Talking Dictionary? Say what?
These dictionaries are hand curated to include some of the most important words in the languages to help you build your vocabulary. The dictionary would give you a list of words and their translations categorized under themes such as: Food, Travel, Professions, Business, Family relations, etc…

And yes, it talks – click on any underlined word to hear how it sounds in the native language! Repeat after the narrator and perfect your pronunciation.

How do I search for a word within the dictionary?
Simple! Press ctrl+f on your keyboard and type the word you are looking for :)

I don’t find the word I am looking for!
It has been our effort to include some of the most useful words in the dictionary. However, if you don’t find a word and think it should be included – just send us your suggestion on the Live Chat or on Your wish is our command!

When should I use the dictionary?
As always, we don’t recommend that you learn a new language by just memorizing several words. So, use the dictionary as an aid to build vocabulary after your are done taking some lessons.

Focus on building your concepts first and then come to the dictionary to expand your vocabulary!

When will I see more languages on the dictionary?
We will be adding many more languages very soon! Keep watching this space!

Awesome, take me to the dictionaries!
Spanish Dictionary
Mandarin Dictionary
Hindi Dictionary