Conjugation of Verb ser in Spanish

In today’s blog we will learn about the conjugation of verb Ser in Spanish

The verb ‘Ser‘ means ‘to be’ (essential / permanent quality)

Take a look at the conjugation Ser

 PRONOUN Present Preterit Imperfect Conditional Future
yo soy fui era sería seré
eres fuiste eras serías serás
él/ella/Ud. es fue era sería será
nosotros somos fuimos éramos seríamos seremos
vosotros sois fuisteis erais seríais seréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. son fueron eran serían serán


I have = Yo soy

We have =  Nosotros somos

He has = Él es

She has = Ella es

You  have  =  Usted es

Ser is used to express:

  1. Ser is used to express the hour, day, and date
  2. Ser is used to express place of origin
  3. Ser is used to express occupation
  4. Ser is used to express nationality
  5. Ser is used to express religious or political affiliation

Here are some examples using the verb:

It’s two o’clock =  Son las dos

I’m from Colombia = Soy de Colombia

I’m a carpenter = Soy carpintero

Is she Puerto Rican? = ¿Es ella puertorriqueña?

They’re Catholics = Son católicos

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