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Personal pronouns in Spanish!

In this blog we’ll study personal pronouns in Spanish!

We will look at personal pronouns (like I, she, he, you etc.) and their forms in Spanish

Personal pronouns are a foundation for us before we move on to conversational lessons

Let us start with ‘I’

In Spanish,

I –> Yo


We –> Nosotros (masculine) Nosotras (feminine)

The forms of ‘you vary in formal, informal, singular and plural situations

You(Informal) –>  (singular)

                         –> Vosotros/ Vosotras (plural)

You(Formal)  –> Usted (singular)

                        –> Ustedes (plural)

Let us look at He/she and they

He –> Él

She –> Ella

They –> Ellos (masculine/mixed) Ellas (feminine)


I want to study

Yo quiero estudiar 

You want to eat

Tú quieres comer 

She wants to run

Ella quiere correr 

They want to talk

Ellos quieren hablar 

I prefer Coca-cola

Yo prefiero coca-cola


For a detailed study on personal pronouns along with its usage and examples here is a lesson on culturealley