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11 Days to go | Bye Bye boring content

Learning Spanish?

Here’s how most language learning products will teach you Spanish:
And here’s what learners feel about such products:
“Wonderful! a picture of a man with money. Does “Él tiene dinero” mean the English equivalent of “he has money”, or “he counts money”, or “he had money”, or something completely different? In addition to that, how is knowing how to say “he has money” going to help me immerse myself in the language and have a conversation with someone?”

What’s more, even when you’ll use these products 20 years from now – you guessed it – same static, boring content.

It is time to bid goodbye to boring content and say hello to real conversations!

CultureAlley brings you a revolutionary new practice App that works on Twitter – helping you learn words and conversations that real people use.

Learn a language while you browse content that YOU are interested in on Twitter. Immerse yourself in real conversations, everyday!

Here’s a sneak preview:

This awesome new App is coming to your iPad and iPhone on December 15th!

Try the web version for Spanish (alpha):

Go to your Dashboard after logging in to CultureAlley Spanish, and give ‘My Twitter’ a try!

It is personalized-contextual-real! It is fun!