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5 ways to learn English

 5 ways to learn English

1. Watch English movies/serials:   Watching English movies or cartoons with subtitles (dialogues are shown in English) can help us in learning English. We can start with watching cartoons like, ‘Tom & Jerry’, ‘Tin Tin’, ‘Looney Tunes’ or T.V. serials like, ‘Koffee with Karan’ or follow YouTube channels like, look who’s talking with Niranjan Iyenger. Watching English movies or serials is an engaging way to learn because the content is interesting, however they give limited exposure to grammar. They are better if you want to practice English learning or if you are looking to build your vocabulary.Capture

2. YouTube Classes:  We can take English lessons from YouTube channels like ‘Let’s Talk’, ‘BM English Speaking’, ‘WabsTalk’ and many others. These channels teach simple lessons in a very easy way. This approach however is a one-way learning approach. While this can help with concepts, and conversations, it has limited scope when it comes to practice. Also, given the one-way communication nature of videos, practicing English speaking using these becomes difficult.

3. Read every day:  Start reading small paragraphs, news headlines, and then increase the amount you read every week. When we read every day, we automatically frame correct sentences. It is also important what we read. So, we should take advice from a friend or somebody who is already good at English. For example, if we are reading an article every day, it will not only help us in learning English but also increase our General Knowledge (GK). We can also start by reading children’s story books and fables, as they are simple and fun. Reading news everyday is also a great way to build your English vocabulary.02 Thirsty Crow

4. Mobile Apps: This is the easiest and the most fun way to learn English. An App is interactive, it gives immediate feedback, teaches us both conversations and grammar. Most importantly, Apps with latest voice recognition technology can even help us with our spoken English. There are a lot of learning apps on the Android play store, like ‘Duolingo’, ‘Busuu’ and ‘CultureAlley’s English App. They all make learning very easy.

However, CultureAlley’s English App is built specifically for Hindi speakers – with grammar explanations in Hindi. In case of any confusion, we can even chat with experts using the chat helpline! This is the most interesting way to learn writing in English and speaking in English.


5. Join Classes: We can also learn English by joining tuition classes, but this can be very time consuming and expensive. Plus, there is limited personalization. So even if we join any classes, we must keep practicing and a mobile app can help us with this to a great extent.


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