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13 Days to go | A revolutionary new Language Practice App

Why make practicing a new language a burden! Why make it a boring process and bury yourself in mindless flashcards without understanding any context!

Now practice a new language from things you do daily – and things that interest you!

CultureAlley will help you practice a new language while you browse what you love – on Twitter!

Presenting a revolutionary new language practice App that helps you learn a new language from your own Twitter feed.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Go personalized: Browse your favorite topics on your own Twitter feed, and pick up new words on the way.

Go contextual: Understand the usage of new words in conversations that real people are talking about.

Go real time: Say goodbye to static content. The App’s content is updated as often as your Twitter feed – the more you browse, the more words you learn!

What’s more, take it wherever you go – This awesome new App is coming to your iPad and iPhone on December 15th!

Try the web version for Spanish (alpha):

Go to your Dashboard after logging in to CultureAlley Spanish, and give ‘My Twitter’ a try!

It is personalized-contextual-real! It is fun!

We are excited about revolutionizing language learning – share your feedback and help us do it better!