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Practice Languages on Twitter

Practice Languages on Twitter! App now available for free download on the App Store

Learn Spanish & Chinese while browsing what you love: on Twitter!

Tired of boring flashcards? Wish remembering new words was more interesting?

Presenting CultureAlley’s Language Practice App that lets you practice Spanish and Chinese vocabulary while you browse your favorite topics on Twitter!

Perfect your vocabulary while browsing real world conversations that your friends, and brands are tweeting about.

The App is available for free download on the App Store for your iPhone and iPad!

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How does it work?

  • Download the App for free and login with your Twitter account
  • Choose the language  you want to learn and your starting level
  • View parts of your personal Twitter feed translated in the new language
  • Tap on the word to hear how it sounds
  • Ask questions on difficult words and get expert help
  • Mark difficult words for revision

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Make language practice a part of your daily routine!

What makes this App awesome?

  • It works on your personal Twitter feed – teaching you real world vocabulary
  • It is updated real time – as often as you update your Twitter feed
  • You learn while you read topics and Tweets that you are interested in!

Say hello to the most contextual personalized and real time language practice App!

Download the App for free from the App Store!

Throw away the boring content that puts you to sleep. Wake up to your new language class!



7 more days | The new way to practice languages

Is this how most language teaching products make you feel?

Wish practicing new languages was more interesting than burying yourself in static content that stays the same whether it is Jack, Jill, or Amy who is learning?

Introducing CultureAlley’s Twitter based language practice App.

Now practice languages while you browse what you love – on your own Twitter feed!

Browse your favorite topics real-time, and pick new words on the way!

Learn from real world content that YOU are most interested in.

CultureAlley’s Twitter based language practice App is coming soon for your iPad, iPhone, and the web!

But waiting is boring! Yes, we hear you!
We are fast forwarding the launch of the Twitter based language practice App.

The App will now be available for free download on the AppStore from December 14th onwards! Just 7 more days!