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Learn Spanish while browsing your Facebook Feed!

At CultureAlley, we are working hard to make language learning the most effortless, and delightful experience for you!

So we thought, what if we could let you learn a new language while you do what you love the most – like browsing Facebook or playing games! Sounds crazy?

Presenting a whole New Culturealley for you: now you can learn Spanish while you browse your own Facebook feed and play games!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.18.49 PM

What happens at the Alley? 

1. Learn Spanish while browsing Facebook : Now you can learn Spanish from your Facebook wall. While you browse Facebook we progressively replace  words from your feeds into Spanish.
Amazing, Isn’t it? :)

 feed big

2. Yummy Quests : You can play mini quizzes on words learnt right on your feed. Earn jelly beans for discovering new word

3. Unlock audio-visual lessons: As you finish fun filled Facebook challenges, you unlock interactive lessons to build your basics

lesson big (2)

4. Play games, have fun : Our fun games – Taco and Sangria will make you remember everything you learn while you have fun!

taco big (2)

What are you waiting for?
Fill up that jelly jar and master Spanish while doing what you Love!
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What are you waiting for? GET STARTED NOW

Learn Spanish while browsing your Facebook Feed: Visit new.culturealley.com for unlimited fun and learning!


Printable Lesson Notes CultureAlley

Printable notes of lessons now available on CultureAlley Spanish and Mandarin

You asked for it, and we have it!

A lot of our learners asked us if they could print or download the notes of the online lessons at CultureAlley. Printable notes can be helpful in revising what you have learned through the audio-visual lessons, even when you may not be connected to the internet.

CultureAlley now gives you an option to print the notes for each lesson.

Below your lesson window, you will now be able to see an option called ‘Printable version’

Printable notes CultureAlleyWhen you click on this option, a new tab will open up with the printable version of your whole lesson.

Print version of CultureAlley lessons

Just click on File->Print

Print CultureAlley notes - Step 1Next choose your printer and let the setting be as it is with the margin as ‘default’

Print CultureAlley notes - Step 2
That’s it! Run to your printer – your notes are ready! :)

We will also allow downloading the lesson notes as a PDF very soon! Keep watching this space!

See you at the Alley!

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