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Featured Spanish Teacher of the Month – Iván Aguilar

Our team of teachers is spread across boundaries. Each of them brings in a unique teaching style, cultural experience, and a new set of language learning tips.

This month, we travel all the way to Peru to meet our teacher of the month – Iván Aguilar. Iván has been rated as a 5 star teacher consistently by all the students on CultureAlley. Here are some great learning tips from Iván.

1) Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Iván Aguilar. I’m from Peru, a country located in South America. Currently I’m working as an English and Spanish teacher and Academic Coordinator at a Language School in Perú. Spanish is my mother tongue and I just love teaching it. I also love spreading the love for Peruvian culture and music! :)

2) What motivated you to start teaching languages?

This has been a long an interesting path I followed. I studied to be a Social Science teacher, but I got involved in language teaching and found my true professional call. I really like to see how my students overcome the language barrier and become what we might call world citizens by sharing their culture and opinions with the world through the internet or in person. It is really rewarding to be able to contribute to this process.

3) Tell us about your teaching experience – How long have you been teaching, what kind of students have you taught?

Well, I have been teaching for about ten years now. I’ve taught all ages from 6-year-old kids – the most energetic- to adult students.

Most of my students are university students who need to know at least two languages in order to get their degrees.

I’ve also taught some teaching methodology courses.

4) Why you think learning new languages is beneficial?

I think languages are very important since they allow people to connect with other people.

I’ve seen how the perception of the world changes while learning a new language because indirectly a new language always brings about the learning of a new culture.

This is one first step to make ourselves part of a more understanding and global world. Besides it is great to see how learning a new language enriches a person.

As the quote says: “Learn a new language, get a new soul”

Needless to say there are many more academic and professional doors opened for the ones who learn new languages.

5) Please give our readers some tips on learning languages.

I have just two words : practice and connect. It is great to practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. But it is also really relevant to connect all that is being practiced with our real lives.

If you are practicing a specific grammar pattern, get some time to write your very personal sentences because in the end you want your new language to talk about yourself, your ideas, your opinions, your country, the things that matter to you.

For me,

connecting also means talking or writing to people who are learning or are native speakers of the language that you have chosen to learn.

This always makes your language learning more meaningful and prepares you for real-life interaction.

6) Tell us about your most interesting experience while learning or teaching Spanish yourself.

I like the various forms of art very much. I think immersing yourself in a form of art is a great strategy to learn a language.

One of the most interesting experiences I had, was helping my students to prepare for doing some drama (acting) as a part of their course. Not only did we have a lot of fun, but I also could see students devoting a lot of time in learning their lines and linking this to their acting. It was great!

7) How have you worked with CultureAlley to spread the love for language learning?

I feel glad to be working with a very organized and creative team as the one of CultureAlley. They are building the much needed bridges to help students get high quality language instruction. At the same time I feel they are cooperating through the teaching of languages to create bounds of international friendship. It feels great to be able to make some little contribution to this project.

8) A final word of advice for budding language learners?

Don’t stop learning new languages, don’t stop knowing new worlds!

If you wish to take lessons with Iván, just fill up this form:

Private Spanish lessons

Private Spanish Lessons with Spanish Teachers on Skype

Serious About learning Spanish? We have a group of native, expert, and professional teachers, who can teach you 1on1 on Skype.

How can I learn Spanish on Skype?

There is nothing that can help you learn Spanish faster than interacting with real people who speak Spanish. And it gets even better if these people are Spanish teachers!
At CultureAlley, we offer private Spanish lessons with Spanish teachers on Skype. These are 1on1 lessons where you can talk to expert Spanish teachers (from Spain & Latin America) who are trained and experienced in teaching Spanish. See a sample profile here.
The Skype lessons take place over a 1on1 video conferencing based interface – so you can see the teacher, hear the teacher, and talk to the teacher.
Each teacher is hand-picked after thorough screening of his/her teaching experience, certifications, and educational background. They are experienced in tutoring over Skype and they all speak fluent English.

Why is learning Spanish with private lessons on Skype effective?
  1. Personalization: Because these are 1on1 private lessons – the lesson content and exercises are completely personalized based to suit your learning needs and starting level. The pace of each lesson can also be personalized to suit your learning pace.
  2. 1on1 Interaction: You get to talk to, and hear a native Spanish teacher through out the lesson. You practice with an expert, and get immediate feedback to improve your Spanish.
  3. Flexibility: You can take the lessons based on your availability. Pick the hours that you are available for and we will find a Spanish teacher who fits your needs to teach you on those hours.
What does a typical lesson cover?

The Spanish course is completely customized to suit your learning needs. Whether you are a beginner traveling to Spain, or a business professional wanting to learn business Spanish, or an intermediate learner looking for help with a text or an exam, or an advanced learning wanting some help with the accent – we have Spanish teachers who can customize the lessons for all these needs

The teacher would design a presentation/PDF and take you through it during the lesson along with other interactive activities. Lessons cover:

  • Conversations
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Practice exercises
  • And fun: Music, movie clips, reading practice, and more!
For what level are these lessons? I am a beginner – can I take these?

We have teachers for all levels of Spanish – be it Spanish for beginners, intermediate level, or advanced level.

How is interacting with teachers better than interacting with just any native?

A person who can speak Spanish may not be equipped to teach Spanish. While interacting with natives will help you understand their accent better or learn some new words, you may feel lost and feel the lack of structure or flow – you may be able to talk, but not learn too much.
An expert Spanish teacher on the other hand, knows what is needed to be taught basis your needs, can create quality content, and is equipped with the latest teaching methods. They will also be able to help you practice more effectively.

When can I take the Skype lessons?

Whenever it works for you! Just let us know your preferred time slots and we will find a coach who is available on the same hours and connect the two of you. We usually take just 24-48 hours to pair you with the right coach.

How much does each lesson cost?

Each lesson costs between USD 12-20 per hour. You would be offered discounts for bulk bookings. We accept payments via PayPal and credit cards.

Okay, I am interested, how do I book a Skype lesson on CultureAlley?

Fill up this form:


Email us on with:
1) Your learning objectives
2) Your starting level
3) The timeline you have in mind to learn the language
4) The day(s) and time slot(s) that would work for you for the programme.
5) Your time zone

We will email you the profiles of Spanish tutors who fit your needs and are available on your preferred time. You can choose the best coach from those profiles and confirm your lesson.

Need further information?
Chat with us live on CultureAlley to find out more!