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Spanish Global Leader Board | April 2014

¡Hola Amigos!

We hope you are enjoying learning Spanish while browsing Facebook. How many Jelly beans have you collected so far? Today, we are featuring our most awesome learners for the month of April – these learners are out top 10 global leaders as they have earned most number of Jelly beans in the last month.

Here are our world-wide champions for the month of April 2014

LB APRIL final April'14View the leader board on our Facebook fan page:

Post by CultureAlley/Spanish.

Congratulations to the leaders. Power to you!

To get yourself up on the leader-board – start learning Spanish and earning some Jellies now. It is fun, easy, and effective – and you do it while browsing Facebook :)

Go to to continue winning Jelly beans

Practice Languages on Twitter

Practice Languages on Twitter! App now available for free download on the App Store

Learn Spanish & Chinese while browsing what you love: on Twitter!

Tired of boring flashcards? Wish remembering new words was more interesting?

Presenting CultureAlley’s Language Practice App that lets you practice Spanish and Chinese vocabulary while you browse your favorite topics on Twitter!

Perfect your vocabulary while browsing real world conversations that your friends, and brands are tweeting about.

The App is available for free download on the App Store for your iPhone and iPad!

 1-4 2-4

How does it work?

  • Download the App for free and login with your Twitter account
  • Choose the language  you want to learn and your starting level
  • View parts of your personal Twitter feed translated in the new language
  • Tap on the word to hear how it sounds
  • Ask questions on difficult words and get expert help
  • Mark difficult words for revision

4-4 5-43-4

Make language practice a part of your daily routine!

What makes this App awesome?

  • It works on your personal Twitter feed – teaching you real world vocabulary
  • It is updated real time – as often as you update your Twitter feed
  • You learn while you read topics and Tweets that you are interested in!

Say hello to the most contextual personalized and real time language practice App!

Download the App for free from the App Store!

Throw away the boring content that puts you to sleep. Wake up to your new language class!



7 more days | The new way to practice languages

Is this how most language teaching products make you feel?

Wish practicing new languages was more interesting than burying yourself in static content that stays the same whether it is Jack, Jill, or Amy who is learning?

Introducing CultureAlley’s Twitter based language practice App.

Now practice languages while you browse what you love – on your own Twitter feed!

Browse your favorite topics real-time, and pick new words on the way!

Learn from real world content that YOU are most interested in.

CultureAlley’s Twitter based language practice App is coming soon for your iPad, iPhone, and the web!

But waiting is boring! Yes, we hear you!
We are fast forwarding the launch of the Twitter based language practice App.

The App will now be available for free download on the AppStore from December 14th onwards! Just 7 more days!


11 Days to go | Bye Bye boring content

Learning Spanish?

Here’s how most language learning products will teach you Spanish:
And here’s what learners feel about such products:
“Wonderful! a picture of a man with money. Does “Él tiene dinero” mean the English equivalent of “he has money”, or “he counts money”, or “he had money”, or something completely different? In addition to that, how is knowing how to say “he has money” going to help me immerse myself in the language and have a conversation with someone?”

What’s more, even when you’ll use these products 20 years from now – you guessed it – same static, boring content.

It is time to bid goodbye to boring content and say hello to real conversations!

CultureAlley brings you a revolutionary new practice App that works on Twitter – helping you learn words and conversations that real people use.

Learn a language while you browse content that YOU are interested in on Twitter. Immerse yourself in real conversations, everyday!

Here’s a sneak preview:

This awesome new App is coming to your iPad and iPhone on December 15th!

Try the web version for Spanish (alpha):

Go to your Dashboard after logging in to CultureAlley Spanish, and give ‘My Twitter’ a try!

It is personalized-contextual-real! It is fun!


13 Days to go | A revolutionary new Language Practice App

Why make practicing a new language a burden! Why make it a boring process and bury yourself in mindless flashcards without understanding any context!

Now practice a new language from things you do daily – and things that interest you!

CultureAlley will help you practice a new language while you browse what you love – on Twitter!

Presenting a revolutionary new language practice App that helps you learn a new language from your own Twitter feed.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Go personalized: Browse your favorite topics on your own Twitter feed, and pick up new words on the way.

Go contextual: Understand the usage of new words in conversations that real people are talking about.

Go real time: Say goodbye to static content. The App’s content is updated as often as your Twitter feed – the more you browse, the more words you learn!

What’s more, take it wherever you go – This awesome new App is coming to your iPad and iPhone on December 15th!

Try the web version for Spanish (alpha):

Go to your Dashboard after logging in to CultureAlley Spanish, and give ‘My Twitter’ a try!

It is personalized-contextual-real! It is fun!

We are excited about revolutionizing language learning – share your feedback and help us do it better!

A brand new CultureAlley

Sorry for being away for a bit. We’ve been working hard (dark circles and all that!) to make CultureAlley more awesome for you :)

We’ve added a lot of new features off late: many more free lessons, new interactive games, 16 new audio dictionaries, Q&A Forums, and Live Chat! We also launched an iPad App for Spanish and one for Mandarin Chinese with offline lessons.

You’ve loved all of these, and now we bring you all the things you love, on a brand new interface.

Announcing a brand new CultureAlley!

Say hello to a sleeker-faster-simpler CultureAlley

Sleeker Home Page: Lots of white space, minimalistic design
Faster Load Time: Even lesser waiting time to access your favorite lessons
Simpler Navigation: Find the topics you want to study, right at the homepage

Your dashboard

Your personalized dashboard will feature the next suggested lesson for you, a list of all the other lessons you can take, your profile, and a personalized word list.

CultureAlley dashboard DashboardGetting into the lesson experience:

1) CultureAlley will remember the lesson you last left off on, and show you the same the next time you come in

2) All the lesson topics are organized at the bottom

3) The lesson will open up in a beautiful full screen mode. Your games will work within the lesson experience. No clutter. Woohoo!

New Lesson ExperienceGames within the lesson We welcome your suggestions, comments, and feedback on the new look :) Meanwhile, we’ll continue to make your experience at CultureAlley even better!

See you at the Alley!

Practice Spanish with Jumble – A new Spanish practice game at CultureAlley

Announcing the launch of a brand new Spanish practice game at CultureAlley Spanish – Jumble!

Doesn’t take too much thinking to figure out what this is! We jumble up a set of Spanish words, and give you a hint (in English). All you have to do is pick the right Spanish words and arrange them in the right order – quickly of-course :)

This timed Spanish practice game helps you perfect your translations, and also helps you understand the difference between Spanish and English grammar. You’ll master word placement with Jumble.

Jumble is built within your lesson experience, and will quiz you on the words and phrases you learn in each lesson.

Jumble practice gameJumble game - Question Jumble practice game - How to play Jumble practice game - timed

CultureAlley Chinese App for the iPad is live!

Stop mugging up Mandarin Chinese. Say hello to the only app that explains you the logic behind Chinese conversations.

The ‘Learn Chinese with CultureAlley’ App for the iPad is available for free download on the App Store.

More than 300,000 learners have loved our audio-visual lessons across the globe!

Before you wonder if we are just another Mandarin Chinese App – No, we won’t give you mindless flash-cards – No, we won’t make you mug up phrases in a way that you can never have your own conversation! We want you to converse in Mandarin Chinese, not become a phrasebook! :)

What we will give you is this:

    1. 30 Awesome audio-visual lessons - Easy to understand, hand-curated lessons with native voice overs – cover conversations, tones, essential phrases & vocabulary

Audio visual Chinese lessons iPad

    1. Logical structure - Each concept is simplified and explained in the most intuitive manner to avoid any forced memorization
    2. Grammar essentials - With examples applied in real life context
    3. Interactive practice - Helps you master your lessons and gives you immediate feedback

Interactive practice iPad

Here’s why our learners love us and what they say about us:

“I have been looking for one good source to learn Mandarin for a while, and CultureAlley is the best one. Thank you for making it. It is awesome! Greetings from Bosnia.” – Emir Slatina

“Like the Mandarin taught on this website. It is easy to understand and I can learn at my own pace.” – Jason

“Really getting excited about this. Happy that I can repeat concepts that I haven’t understood well and it’s truly a bonus that I can learn at my own pace. Glad for the audio and all the grammar tips. Looking forward to my next lesson” – Ruth

“Thank you so much for such pleasant lessons, I am new in Beijing and your lessons are a big help. I study with these every day. thank you!” – Louizazorba

More than 300,000 people across the globe love us! Discover the easiest way to pick up Mandarin Chinese. – learn using CultureAlley’s Chinese App for the iPad!

The ‘Learn Chinese with CultureAlley’ App for the iPad is available for free download on the App Store. Download now from the App Store!

See you at the Alley – Now on the iPad! :)

CultureAlley Chinese iPad App

Coming soon – CultureAlley’s Mandarin Chinese App for the iPad

Your favorite audio-visual Chinese lessons – now on the go, and downloadable for offline use!

CultureAlley’s Chinese App for the iPad is launching on November 11th, 2013!

Learn Mandarin Chinese while relaxing in your bed, or while in a flight! CultureAlley’s Mandarin Chinese course is coming on the device you love – the iPad.

Loaded with downloadable content which allows all 30 audio-visual lessons and interactive quizzes to be available offline!

The ‘Learn Chinese with CultureAlley’ App for the iPad will be available for free download on the App Store from November 11th 2013 onwards! Here’s a sneak preview:

Free Mandarin Chinese Lessons Offline downloadable Mandarin Chinese lessons Logical Chinese lessons Keep watching this space for more updates! :)


Start where you left off: Smart bookmarking now on CultureAlley

A lot of our learners requested that, whenever they login, CultureAlley should remember where they last left off, and let them start from there.

We did some magic and made it happen! Now, whenever you login to CultureAlley, you can ask it to take you back to the lesson you watched when you were last logged-in.

Login window  Smart bookmarking

CultureAlley’s smart bookmarks will remember where you left off and take you back to that lesson when you log-in next.

Smart bookmarking

See you at the Alley!