5 reasons to choose an app for learning English

5 reasons to choose an app for learning English

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1. Interactive – Learning in classrooms is fun but what is even more interesting is when we can carry that classroom everywhere we go. This can only be provided by an app which is not only full of information but can let you hear English, speak English, and gives you feedback on your mistakes.
Unlike books and videos, which are not just static but only cover the “reading” aspect of English, an App covers all the aspects of learning a language which are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. One such app is CultureAlley’s English App.

A classroom might become a bit boring at one point, but this app will never let us get bored. We can learn through games, lessons, speaking, and ask questions as well. An app can be the most interesting and fun way of learning.

Well-designed Apps can be user friendly and help us learn on a daily basis. We can look at a few apps like – Duolingo, CultureAlley’s English App and Speak English Daily.

2. Works Offline – Some apps understand that mobile data means a lot to you, and they allow you to learn even without an internet connection.

This exquisite feature is available in CultureAlley’s English App, where you only need an internet connection while the app is downloading. Once it is on your phone, it can be used even without any internet. No time limitations – learn at any time, any place.

3. Can be carried anywhere – The ease of carrying your teacher everywhere and anywhere is possible with a mobile App. It can act as a saviour when you want to do a quick revision or it can act as a complete life transformer for those who are willing to learn from basics and willing to become a pro. We never have to worry about where we can learn, an app is on our devices – tabs, cellphones, netbooks etc.

 4. Patient Teacher - An App is the most patient of all. It is human tendency to get irritated when we’re asked too many questions but thankfully, that doesn’t happen with an app. We don’t have to worry about how many times have we already asked a question. CultureAlley’s English App, provides us with quick assistance on all our queries and they even have a chat helpline which can be used in case we are stuck anywhere.

5. Personal Attention - Lets be frank! How many of us get that personal attention in a classroom or a YouTube learning video? Not many. But we all would like to have it. An app can give us personal attention, keep a record of our progress, and continues to teach us in a one-to-one manner. CultureAlley’s English App acts as a companion to those who need a friend to learn, correct them when they’re wrong and continue to help them prosper.

CultureAlley’s English App, is really simple and easy to understand for a Hindi speaker. It translates every dialogue, every word, and sentence for us and also tells us the correct usage of words. Most importantly, it’s free!


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