Verb Gustar in Spanish

In Spanish, there are some verbs that use indirect-object pronouns even though those of us who speak English as a first language would probably think of them as using direct-object pronouns – gustar (to like) is one of them

Let us look at how to use verb gustar in Spanish today.

Now let’s look at how you’ll say ‘you like something’

To like = Gustar

Now, In English,

I like football →

I (subject)

like (verb)

football (object)

This is not the case in Spanish

In Spanish,

I like football → Football is pleasing to me

Subject = Football

Indirect object = Me

In Spanish, the object being liked (Football) becomes the subject of the sentence

‘To like’ = gustar will change based on ‘football’ or the subject and not based on “me” which is the indirect object

Football = 3rd person, hence gustar becomes gusta/gustan

Now, in Spanish, in an affirmative statement with one verb, the indirect object pronoun comes immediately before the conjugated verb

I like tennis (To me is pleasing the tennis) = Me gusta el tenis

Sports is plural hence we use gustan

I like sports (To me are pleasing the sports) = Me gustan los deportes

Here we see the conjugation of verb ‘gustar’

 Pronoun  Present


gusto gusté gustaba gustaría


gustas gustaste gustabas gustarías gustarás


gusta gustó gustaba gustaría



gustamos gustamos gustábamos gustaríamos



gustáis gustasteis gustabais gustaríais



gustan gustaron gustaban gustarían



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