Introduce Yourself in Spanish

The first thing we should know while visiting a new country is how to introduce ourselves and ask for introduction. Introduction is the beginning of any conversation. Before going to Spanish speaking countries we need to prepare ourselves. In this post we look at some common phrases to introduce yourself in Spanish.

So, the first question we would face is

What is your name?

¿Cuál es tu nombre?

In Spanish, it is necessary to use the question marks at the start and end of a question
This is done to communicate the tone of the statement (question tone) ¿ ?

Great! Let’s look at the reply to the same

My name is ____

Mi nombre es ____


The other more common way of telling your name is:

Me llamo _____

Taking this conversation further, we should know phrases like
Who are you?

¿Quién eres?

The reply to the same can be
I am a student

Soy un/una estudiante

(By using ‘un/una’ you reveal the gender = male/ female student)

Another important aspect can be your place of origin, for example:
I am from Chicago

Yo soy de Chicago

Profession also become important while introducing oneself:
What do you do?

¿Qué haces?

I study at the college in Spain

Yo estudio en la universidad en España

Where do you work?

¿Dónde trabajas?

I work at the campus

Yo trabajo en el campus

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