Ask and tell time in Spanish!

Asking and telling time is an important part of any language

You would like to know about the same if you are travelling in a Spanish speaking country

Let’s have a blog that will help us ask and tell time in Spanish

Here we see how to ask time

What time is it?

¿Qué hora es?

Ask and tell time

Now that you know how to ask what time it is, let’s learn how to tell what time it is

Form of ser + feminine form ‘the’ + number

For telling time we always use the feminine form of the definite article ‘the’

Let’s have a look at some examples

1:00 or It’s one o’clock

Es la una

Note that ‘It’ is not translated here

6:00 or It’s 6 o’clock

Son las seis

Let’s now try some examples for telling time along with adding a.m. and p.m.!

a.m. = de la mañana

p.m. = de la tarde / de la noche

It’s 3:00 p.m.

Son las tres de la tarde

Now we know how to tell time by the hour, but what if we have to say ‘it is 2:15′ or so?

For after the hour : we will use the particle ‘y

(meaning : and)

For before the hour : we will use the particle ‘menos

(meaning : minus/ less)


2:15 or It’s 2:15 a.m.

Son las dos y cuarto de la mañana

3:55  or It’s 3:55

Son las cuatro menos cinco

For more such examples and a detailed study on how to ask and tell time refer this lesson on CultureAlley

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