Ask someone out in Spanish!

Valentine’s Day is round the corner!
In today’s globalized world, cross cultural dating is not new. What if you like someone who speaks Spanish? Won’t it be wonderful if you knew how to ask them out in Spanish?

In today’s blog we’ll look at the phrases that will help us ask someone out in Spanish

Let us start with the phrase: Would you like to go out with me?

Would you go out with me? = ¿Quieres salir conmigo?


Next comes the reply to the question

Yes, I would like to = Sí, me gustaría

Asking oout 2

Here is how you can ask someone out for a coffee

We can have a coffee this evening = Podemos tomar un café esta tarde  

Asking out 4

A possible reply can be :

Yes, that’s great = Sí, está muy bien

It is also necessary to compliment the woman you are going out with! :)
Here is how you can say that

You are beautiful = Eres bonita

For more such phrases take the lesson ‘Asking somebody out on a date in Spanish’ on CultureAlley

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