CXC CSEC Spanish Past Papers

In an earlier post, we covered some best practices for preparing for the CXC CSEC Spanish Examination. We also covered the exam pattern, syllabus, key topics, and study resources.

This post shares some of the CXC CSEC Spanish Past Papers. Reviewing past papers is a great way to be ready for the kind of questions you will face in the CSEC Spanish exam. You could also try timing yourself on some of the questions to ensure that you will finish the paper in time.

CXC CSEC Spanish Past Paper 2013

CXC CSEC Spanish Past Papers – Orals (10 papers)

CSEC Spanish Paper 02: Letter :

CSEC_June2011_Spanish_Paper2_SectionII_Letter.ExCSEC_June2011_Spanish_Paper2_SectionII_Letter pg2.ExCSEC_June2011_Spanish_Paper2_SectionII_Letter pg3.ExMore learning resources:

  1. More than 70 free audio-visual lessons with interactive practice : CultureAlley Spanish
    Covers topics like: greetings and responses, farewells, introductions, beginning and ending letters, expressing gratitude, inviting, filling a form, describing weather, expressing opinions, commands, and more!
  2. Audio dictionary (English to Spanish): with curated words and audio support so that students can hear the pronunciation
  3. Help from expert Spanish teachers over 1on1 lessons on Skype:

Other tips, CXC CSEC Spanish Exam pattern, syllabus and more can be found in our earlier blog post.

Good luck with your CXC CSEC Spanish examination!