How language bridges relationship barriers – Donald Antonio

This week, featuring another super-star student – Donald Antonio. Donald tells us how knowing the language and culture of one’s partner is one of the biggest investment for a successful relationship. Here’s Donald’s story:

Hello, I am Donald. I am from the Philippines. I finished my Degree in Computer Science last 2011 and have been working as an Instructor for the University ever since. It feels good to share the knowledge that I had picked up when I was a student – that’s why I chose this career.

donaldI am not a musician but I love playing the guitar. I also play video games!

I love going out with my family and friends since they are the people that I can’t live without. My students and friends find me funny for they think I am not running out of witty jokes to spill out. Well, that’s me.

I love making people laugh – although it doesn’t remove the problems of most people, it can be a reminder that nothing is permanent. That sooner or later, their problems will be gone. That mindset makes us love what we have and just be content with it. Otherwise, happiness can be very hard to find.

Some time back I started learning Spanish – For one reason only, to be with my love.

She donald gfcurrently lives in Madrid with her family. She was born in Madrid but her parents are both Filipinos. She had studied in the Philippines and that’s where I met her.

She comes home every two years and stays in the country for about a month – that’s a very small amount of time to be with her! So I decided to learn Spanish and live with her someday. I am willing to give up my career for the sake of us being together. Distance and language can be a barrier to a relationship so I made up my mind to learn the language.

Understanding the culture and the language is so vital for a relationship for it lets you understand each other & the individual differences.

This is my first attempt to learn a foreign language.

Although it’s a little difficult for a beginner like me, the techniques and tools used by CultureAlley makes it look so easy. It’s intuitive and interactive.

It’s like watching Dora the Explorer for adults! Haha! Right after work, I spend time learning the language. I take about two lessons a day and test it with my girlfriend through online communication. I never thought learning a new language could be fun!

Learning a language is like investing for your future. You can go places where English becomes obsolete. Where you can communicate with people with different cultures.

Connecting with people is everything. That’s what life is all about. We’re better off dead than living without connection.

I never consider it as a waste of time. To be honest, my leisure time is well spent here than watching YouTube videos about random people making fun of themselves. (That’s what I do sometimes*:) happy)

When I decided to start learning Spanish, I thought of buying books and dictionaries to help me with my study. I even thought about Google translate and I can see now how ridiculous that idea is!

CultureAlley is way beyond our time. It’s a very advanced tool that makes learning a new language very easy. It’s interactive, intuitive, precise, and very informative.

Not only it teaches us some new words, but the most important thing it does is it lets you appreciate cultures from different countries. It’s like their saying that “If you want to learn the language, learn to appreciate the culture and the people behind it”.

Lastly, learning a new language is “fun” with CultureAlley!

Not to mention, this one’s free! It’s all free, no fees, no hidden charges. Hell, they don’t even ask for your credit card *:P tongue

When we meet them on chat, they ask us – what else would you want to see on CultureAlley. And I was like ‘Is that even a question?’

CultureAlley’s strategies/tools are so complete and amazing. What more I’d like is a live one-on-one conversation with a person who speaks Spanish fluently.

I’m not saying that the audio/visual presentation is not enough, but it would be a great experience if you could talk to a native español whenever you’re ready.

And I’d love some more culture leaves!*8-> day dreaming

What I love is that the founder Nishant is very approachable and friendly. We had our first conversation while I was listening to a lesson and it was like we’ve known each-other for years!

Learning a new language and culture is easy and at the same time, fun with CultureAlley.

So for anyone who is learning or thinking of learning a new language I’d suggest you to explore new things, find ways to connect with new people – especially your loved ones. Appreciate their culture and fall in love with it. It’s a noble way of life.

- Donald

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