Talking Dictionary – Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi

Introducing talking dictionaries on Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi!

Talking Dictionary? Say what?
These dictionaries are hand curated to include some of the most important words in the languages to help you build your vocabulary. The dictionary would give you a list of words and their translations categorized under themes such as: Food, Travel, Professions, Business, Family relations, etc…

And yes, it talks – click on any underlined word to hear how it sounds in the native language! Repeat after the narrator and perfect your pronunciation.

How do I search for a word within the dictionary?
Simple! Press ctrl+f on your keyboard and type the word you are looking for :)

I don’t find the word I am looking for!
It has been our effort to include some of the most useful words in the dictionary. However, if you don’t find a word and think it should be included – just send us your suggestion on the Live Chat or on contact@culturealley.com. Your wish is our command!

When should I use the dictionary?
As always, we don’t recommend that you learn a new language by just memorizing several words. So, use the dictionary as an aid to build vocabulary after your are done taking some lessons.

Focus on building your concepts first and then come to the dictionary to expand your vocabulary!

When will I see more languages on the dictionary?
We will be adding many more languages very soon! Keep watching this space!

Awesome, take me to the dictionaries!
Spanish Dictionary
Mandarin Dictionary
Hindi Dictionary

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