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Live Chat with Experts on CultureAlley

Wondering how to kick-off your language learning journey? Facing a technical issue? Need help with a phrase? Can’t get a grammar rule right?

We are here to help! Introducing ‘Live Chat with Experts’ at CultureAlley.

  1. Personalized learning plan recommendations -  Lost? Discuss your learning goals and starting level with our expert coaches to get personalized learning recommendations. They will guide you on:
    1. Where to start
    2. How to start
    3. Practice resources to refer
  2. Grammar and translation help - Throw your grammar and translation doubts at us and get immediate answers from our team. Get recommendations on lessons that can guide you further.
  3. Technical resolution - Facing issues with the website? Forgot your password? Can’t open a lesson? Our team will get you out of any technical pot-hole that you may have fallen into!
  4. Feedback – Most importantly, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Tell us what you like, what more you’d want to see, and what is that you hate! If ever, you don’t see us around – leave an offline message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

So stop by, we are chatting LIVE!

See you at the Alley!


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